The "Go Betweens" The Biggest 'ACCURATE' Conspiracy


  1. Katie, I believe that Graham is one of the Classified! He helped no name establish ISIS!

  2. Great post. I luv when we go back to past posts and things tie things up. We r getting to the part where things are really falling into place. Luv u

  3. Katie, I left you a video about Act of 1871, which I kind of saw and researched on my own on 8chan. I don’t see it here anymore. We have heard that this country is not a country anymore but a corporation for years. However, when you hear it explained from a citizen of US in 2012 it’s git new meanin. I pray for our POTUS every day. Now I know what the stakes really are. I luv him more than ever before. Listen to it.


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