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BREAKING: FBI Raids Protected Whistleblower on Clinton Foundation


Ep#10 - Assange Update - Who is Craig Murray and Why is Mueller not Mentioning Him?

Show Notes: | Is The Deep State Feeling The Heat? | Inspections show concerns at Whitaker's former Iowa day care | EXC: MI6 battling Donald Trump over release of classified Russia probe documents | Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy, sources say | US news | The Guardian | Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and the Guardian Publish Still More Blatant MI6 Lies - Craig Murray…

Qanon - Julian Assange to appear in US Secret Court on Tuesday?


Panic at the DC Disco - RR, Mueller, Maggie D5 is Around the Corner!


Haitian Protests Against the NARCO Deep State - NO MSM Coverage


Ep#9 - Mini Maga Update - Jim Jordan, Grassley, Election Fraud, Mattis, Whitaker and more!


QAnon - A Peek Inside the OIG FISA ABUSE Report Coming Soon to a Theater Near YOU!

November 12, 2018  Q Post 2489

Yes, I am dedicating a whole article and video to JUST ONE POST!  Post 2489 provides an inside look into what will be contained inside the OIG Report on FISA Abuse.  The previous few posts provided Anons on 8 chan a roadmap to organizing sections within 8 chan according to topics that will arise and that the public will be looking for information about in the VERY near future.
Q also started a brand new "thread" within the /patriotsfight/ board.  IMHO, this is the start of a new phase.  This happened on 11-09-18 AND the real posting started on 11-11-18!

As I showed in my last video, you can still get to the older Posts by clicking directly on the post numbers shown in the github posts that we are used to using:

This will apply to all posts prior to No. 440.
We know we are in a new phase, because of No. 440:

Q has repeated something he did on May 4, 2018, when Q starting posting on /patriotsfight/ :

Note: This picture is also named JUSTICE just …

QAnon - Let the Unsealing Begin, Let the Declas Begin! WWG1WGA!


Ep#8 - Never Forgive Obama, Fisa Declas Coming Soon, Whitaker on Immigration, Voter Fraud, Grassley and more!


QAnon - Senate was the Key, HOUSE was the Bait, FISA Brings the HOUSE Down

Q Posts 2442-2460  November 7, 2018

Now that Midterm Elections are over, we can move on with the MISSION!   If you jumped out of the foxhole JUMP BACK IN and FIGHT!
This is WAR.  This is information warfare.  Disinformation is necessary and there are moves and countermoves.  We caught wind of the counter moves with the resignation of Jeff Sessions.  My inbox blew up with:  TRUST SESSIONS??? WHAT'S GOING ON KATIE G?  
Here is my thread on Twitter about it:
Are you prepared for WAR? Do you understand information warfare? If you don't please GET OUT OF MY FOXHOLE. After all this time, do you not understand Q and @Potus MUST conduct disinformation campaigns to hit their targets! This is a military OPERATION!!!!!!!!! — šŸ¤ØCitizens Investigative ReportšŸ˜Ž (@CitizensIReport) November 7, 2018

Spending the day teaching the future generation the TRUTH.

I took photos of him at 1 years old and sister at 3 watching the inauguration because I knew how historica…