QAnon - The Plot to NUKE America and Blame Russia SUM OF ALL FEARS


  1. I was surfing great awakening and found the following connection someone made so I looked into it further.

    ON April 27th Qanon tells the autists they might need a red bull Post 1290
    He mentions Russia, downing military in Syria
    He mentions airplane crashes
    Asks if it’s a coincidence

    On April 28th in Azerbaijan Russia or moscow a Trump tower caught fire. Sits in between Russia and Iran.
    Road closures in place because of grand prix

    On April 29th in the Azerbaijan race there was a Red bull crash.
    On April 30th Netanyahu drops a Mossad bombshell

    there is an additional article which right now I cannot find that Netanyahu states the nuclear archive was passed underground in Azerbaijan.

    Did Q have that much insight to know where nuclear information was passed?

  2. Hi Katie! Love your voice!! I can't stop smiling while I listen to you! I listen to about 3 Q youtubes each night. Need to post on Q 8ch or get someone to do it for me re Natl Sec issue. I have tried, but I get: "Only board owner and volunteers may make threads on this board. "CAPS ONLY". Can you tell me how to do it? Need to post today!!! Thanks! and thank you for your work!!! :)

  3. Great job tonight on 24/7. Keep up the hard work!


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