#Qanon: Julian Assange WikiLeak Dump, 24 Suspects, and Weiner Insurance File?

So, we have RIGHT ABOVE the PROFILE picture for the Twitter account of the U.S. Navy showing the George Washington crossing the Delaware picture too..hmmmm..yeah..this was just by accident and then the Navy typed in "Julian Assange"  also by accident. Then, they deleted the tweet, screenshot the tweet, uploaded the tweet to a new tweet to tell us that they accidentally tweeted it...and that screenshot tweet just happened to have the GW picture. Give me a break lol!  This happened yesterday, on Christmas Day.  

And the above tweet happens after this tweet from DoD:

Coincidence?  Not.

Incase you are coming into this as a newbie, our Insider Source, Qanon, posted this for us as he dropped intel:

This on October 31st and then again December 24th: Notice anything?  Look at the picture and then scroll up to see what the Department of Defense and the US NAVY posted to their Twitter accounts.  Don't believe it yet?  Keep going.

If you don't know who Q is and what this is all about Go Here:

This is a working theory, let me know what you all think. 

Q Posts from Christmas Day (above).  

10, [10-9]

10th letter of Alphabet = J
10-9=1, 1st letter of Alphabet = A

Julian Assange

Operational Window - Not sure of the whole meaning, but could have something to do with a 2 day window - we will know at some point.

Secured - Everything is secure 

Floor is yours - DUMP WHAT YOU HAVE IN THIS WINDOW...Julians Wikileak dump, supposedly so devastating that it will have an impact on the whole world.

Then we have the 2 references to Twitter

TWITTER FW - Spread the information on Twitter, this may be to US! or to Julian not sure yet.

TWITTER [kill rogue] - Julians Twitters are not run by him at the moment, they are rogue.

CONF WHITE WHITE could mean:

Julian Assange is White Rabbit or Snow White?
Lots of things this could be, like a white hat.  We will know soon.

Happy Hunting!

By the way, and as a bonus, because you people ROCK!  This is the Tweet we got this morning from DoD:  

This was a Tweet about the Potus video conferencing with the troops at GITMO!  What?  Yeah, another coincidence?



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    1. When President Trump Pardoned the Turkeys named Peas and Carrot. I believe he was giving us info On Julian Carrots Assange and Snow peas =Snowden

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  3. 10,[10-9]
    Floor is yours.
    Twitter FW_
    Twitter [kill_rogue]

    "Floor is yours."

    In the DOJ, the entire floor was sealed off from reporters on DEC 14th 2018 for a secretive grand jury hearing. On same day, HRC filed her under-oath answers to questions asked of her by the DOJ.

    This line means that floor in a building had been cleared for a secretive meeting or event or to move a person from A to B.

    Twitter FW_
    Twitter [kill_rogue]

    FW = Forward? Repeat message, as in forward to___.
    FW = Future Wife?
    FW = Fighter Wing? Military aviation combat unit or establishment.
    FW = F*ck With? Hang out with.
    FW = Frozen Warning
    FW = (House Representative) Frederica Wilson tweeted Our hearts are with the 112 #ChibokGirls still held captive and we haven't given up on this fight! [December 14th 2018]

    [kill_rogue] = end a rogue process?
    [kill_rogue] = kill rouge? Rouge = red en francais. Also, rouge = arrogant en francais.
    [kill_rogue] = Lie, go lurk?

    CONF_WHITE-WHITE = Confirm, White, White? Confirm white hat double agent?

    My WAG: Floor is yours means something like a green light for someone who needed clearing the floor for a highly secretive event/meeting. Twitter FW means forward the message. And [kill_rouge] means a command to end a rouge process, an unauthorized process, such as the interference with Prez Trump's Twitter account by a "rouge employee" sometime ago. The last line means that a double agent White Hat has been recruited/confirmed as good to go. Possibly means that the rouge player is now onside.


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