Former FBI Asst. Director Says Patriots Inside the FBI Will Expose Mueller and Comey

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, during an appearance on Fox Business Varney & Co., said that there are "Patriots" inside the FBI that are fed up with the "shenanigans" and the "goings on" of the recent developments as of late regarding the FBI and DOJ politicization of their departments and leaders.

He said this:

"A lot of "patriots"  have just had it up to here and they're going to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans that have been.  How they shut down the Clinton Foundation Investigation.  How other things were done that are so anti what the FBI, the United States, and this country is about."

Kallstrom also says that all of this is taking a toll on the hardworking men and women inside the FBI.  He said it is very "depressing" for them because the regular employees inside the FBI go to work every day for the good of the country and this situation has really lowered the moral.

Let's always remember there are "good patriots" inside this mess.

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