Eric Holder's Red Line?

Eric Holder, Former Attorney General under Obama from 2009-2015 is running scared!  You can tell from his tweets.  He should be freaking out about now, because when this is all said and done, he too will be a part of the swamp that drains.

UH, no, Traitor.  You Do NOT speak for the vast majority of American People.

This one triggered me, sorry, I couldn't help it so I had to reply.  Not that he will read it or care if he did, but I figured others might...  You can see my reply under the tweet.

This just reminded me of Obama's (with Holder's involvement) Red Line when he wanted to bomb Syria for "Assad gassing his own people".  

I was reminded of just how far and deep this rabbit hole goes.  

In my video below, I go over this and give my two cents worth about some of that scandal, and Benghazi, which then led me to discuss the Investigation by the Inspector General into the FBI corruption, collusion, and sedition.  

I also discuss the oft-forgotten, Peter Kadzik.  You can read about how he fits into all of this here:  Peter Kadzik Provides Heads Up of Testimony about Hillary Clinton Emails to John Podesta

Watch my breakdown here:


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